Who is constantine mouralis dating

29-Nov-2017 08:25

She also knows more about Tinsley’s soon-to-be-ex Topper than Tinsley does, but refuses to give Tinsley the dirt.

Jules Kirby would cut a bitch for this sort of subversion.

s latest line of watches, dubbed the Prestige Collection.

Available for both men and women, the watches feature Philip Stein?

Guest of a Guest obtained pictures of socialite, soon-to-be reality star, and recent divorcée Tinsley Mortimer in an intimate moment with Rock of Ages star and American Idol runner-up Constantine Maroulis.

Guest of a Guest infers that Tinsley has dumped her boyfriend the Price-Chopper Prince.

But when we saw these pictures, we had six simultaneousreactions: 1. Clues include the amount of makeup Tinsley is wearing to a cheesy Broadway jukebox musical, the fact that no else one is around at this intimate moment, yet someone took a cell-phone pic from maybe six feet away, and the fact that, well, Constantine Maroulis.

God bless Guest of a Guest for caring enough to collect these tips, so we don’t have to. You don’t need a B-grade reality show that won’t make it past half a season. God, we are embarrassed that so far we’ve had four thoughts about this. Oh, God, here comes another one — we can’t stop it.

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phillip_hamer_photography for capturing me as Judas right as I came off stage https:// @Constantine M - 6/23/17 am "My mind is clearer now..." Judas|Superstar ????Says Guest of a Guest: Fanny the Housekeeper shows up to Tinsley’s loft in The Midtown.