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08-Nov-2017 22:14

The article tells how you if you add “ON [PRIMARY]” to the end of a script, and then change the Target Version to Azure, the validation fails because “Filegroup reference and partitioning scheme” is not valid in Azure.I also did my own test case using my example database project on github.For example, if a default value has been added to a field and this was not reflected in an upgrade script code that assumes the presence of the default may fail to work as expected.The solution is after doing an upgrade (or, if your problem is that the upgrade fails, before) to compare the database schema of the "production" site to that of a newly created site (where no upgrades have been performed) using exactly the same code base.

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Other databases are likely to have a similar function to dump only the schema. The - lines show lines to be taken out and the lines the ones to replace them (from the production to the clean).Table 1 lists the issues which you should consider testing for both internally within the database and at the interface to it. The first step is to quickly add a test, basically just enough code to fail.

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