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In healthy people, plasma cells make antibodies that fight infections.

In people with multiple myeloma, too much protein is released into the blood and bones. It can also cause brittle bones, since the malignant cells crowd certain parts of the bone, and dissolve other parts.

He was chosen for a trial of the drug UFT to treat his newly diagnosed cancer of the colon.

Until recently, UFT has only been available via a drip in hospital.

A new way of giving anti-cancer treatment is about to revolutionise life for thousands of sufferers.

At present, most chemotherapy drug treatments against cancer are delivered by an intravenous drip over several hours on a hospital ward.

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Ldz im manam kaisles objektam nebija ne sejas, ne vrda, bet pdj laik tas arvien vairk ska ldzinties manam jaunajam kolim. Via tums acis mdza raudzties man tik dzidomgi un aicinoi..

Patients normally have to make daily trips for a week at a time to receive their treatment, which is exhausting and disrupts their lives.

But now the world of cancer treatment is being changed by the introduction of chemotherapy in the form of a pill, which can be taken at home.

Multiple myeloma is a type of blood cancer related to leukemia and lymphoma.

It is formed by malignant plasma cells - white blood cells - in the bone marrow.J, tas kas man pietrka, bija vrieu uzmanbas apliecinjumi, taurii vder un apzia, ka vl spju savaldzint.

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