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09-Jan-2018 16:26

One of the entertainments available in a lightly educated society is the mirth in misspellings. The amorous couple was obviously oblivious to the missing character in their otherwise happy proclamation.

The inscription on the vehicle window should have read “Just Married” but one letter was missing.

Just try pulling those two pieces of bread apart and you will understand something about being intimately joined together.

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Our findings are consistent with other studies showing that cohabiting with more partners before marriage is associated with greater likelihood of divorce[i] and that a higher number of sexual partners before marriage is associated with lower marital quality and greater likelihood of divorce.[ii] As we noted, what happens in Vegas may not always stay in Vegas. There are many reasons why having more romantic partners before marriage may put one at higher risk of difficulties in marriage.

Here is an interesting question to ponder that was posed on a blog: “What things could I avoid that could make it harder for me to break if off with someone before I am sure I want to be with that person?

A Bowling Green University professor did a study which revealed that a majority of people in their thirties have lived with someone outside of marriage,and that it is more common than marriage as a first union.

While more experience is often beneficial in life, the story looks different when it comes to some types of experience before marriage.

And anyone who runs a business can tell you that their best employees are those who have been on the job long enough to have learned how to handle the normal well and the unexpected with wisdom.I think this dramatic change in how relationships form matters for at least two reasons.